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Christian Psychology: A Transdisciplinary Journal

Christian Psychology is published twice a year. The journal began with the name Edification, but changed into Christian Psychology in 2013 to more directly expresses our agenda: Christian Psychology. We are using the term Christian psychology very broadly to cover the disciplined inquiry into the nature of human beings from the standpoint of a Christian world-and-life-view.  

Those interested in Christian psychology are invited to submit manuscripts. We are looking for empirical, theoretical, and applied articles. Contributions from diverse disciplines are encouraged, including philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, biology, psychiatry, theology, biblical studies, and pastoral ministry, and all subdisciplines of psychology. Those interested in submitting manuscripts and book reviews that address the broad interests of this journal are encouraged to contact our managing/book review editor, Lydia Kim-van Daalen at

Past Issues of Christian Psychology

Edification 1.1 (2007) A Philosophy of Science for Christian Psychology

Edification 1.2 (2007) The Work of Ray S. Anderson

Edification 2.1 (2008)  Faithful Translation and the Ideological Surround Model

Edification 2.2 (2008) Christian Counseling as Mission

Edification 3.1 (2009) Catholic Psychology

Edification 3.2 (2009) Christian Counseling in the Public Square

Edification 4.1 (2010) Therapy within the Theodrama

Edification 4.2 (2010) A Christian in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Studies

Edification 5.1 (2011) Attachment and Small Groups

Edification 5.2 (2011) Love of God and Neighbor

Edification 6.1 (2012) The Role of Habitus in Christian Moral Psychology

Edification 6.2 (2012) Eastern Orthodox Psychology

Christian Psychology 7.1 (2013) Theistic Psychology

Christian Psychology 7.2 (2013) The Agency of Christ

Christian Psychology 8.1 (2014) Christian Positive Psychology

Christian Psychology 8.2 (2014) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy



  1. Hello, My name is Lorraine Hodges. I am the librarian for Pillar College. We have Edification on our library website. However I just noticed that we do not have an edition for 2013. Is the magazine still published? If so can I get the most recent edition.

    Thank you, Lorraine Hodges

  2. Eric Johnson says:

    For various reasons, we are somewhat behind in our publication schedule, but the two issues of Edification for 2013 are in development and will be published in the first half of 2014. They will both be very good. Thanks for your patience.

  3. dan says:

    It would be useful if you could allow readers to subscribe to the journals by email (so we could be informed when new issues are available). So, please add a “subscribe” option!

  4. Eric says:

    The link of “Edification 4.2 (2010) A Christian in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Studies” seems wrong. It directs to another issue.

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