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Join us for the 2015 AACC World Conference at Nashville TN, on September 22-26.

The Society will be sponsoring a 1-day conference on grace with Robert Emmons, an outstanding leader in positive psychology and Kelly Kapic, nationally known theologian on September 22, beginning at 1:45pm and finishing up at 9pm. Then, Eric L. Johnson and Warren Kinghorn will be doing a preconference workshop on September 23 at 2pm on “To Medicate or Not To Medicate: Thinking Christianly About the Role of Medication in the Therapeutic Process.” In addition, there will be a number of great presentations in the Christian Psychology track of the World Conference. Finally, meet with the SCP leadership and division members at the SCP mixer at 7pm on September 25, Friday. To register and for more information go to AACC World Conference.

from the “Human and Christian Agency” Conference