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There is a new online journal entitled Second Nature that may be of interest to Christian Psychology. It deals with the topic of media ecology and addressing issues of technology as the relate to the Christian life.

Kindles and other e-readers it seems have been taking over, but not so fast. Emerging research demonstrates that the way we read on an electronic format may differ considerably from paper. Christian psychologists should be at the forefront of examining questions like the effect of technology on cognitive processes and more importantly, the development of wisdom.

Gene Veith discusses a recent blog post about whether evangelicals tend to be more prone to depression. The author begins, “I’ve heard it from a few people now… stories of depressed friends going to their GP and at some stage being asked, ‘Are you, by any chance, an evangelical Christian?’ Have you heard similar tales?” What do you think?

Our friend Matthew Stanford has written 5 steps toward restoration for people with borderline or antisocial personality disorders, working from the book of Hosea.



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