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Anxiety: Guided Christian Devotional Meditation


Lydia Kim-van Daalen, PhD.

Week 2, November 2015


This blog features a shortened version of a guided Christian devotional meditation on anxiety. I developed this meditation together with my good friend Natalie K. Cupples Pickering, PhD. We sought to address issues of anxiety as described in the DSM as well as based on our personal experiences with anxiety.  As mentioned, the meditation that follows is a shortened and summarized version. Included in the full one are some breathing and relaxation techniques as well as more time to interact with what is being said. It is designed as a guided meditation, which means that the full meditation is likely most effective when it’s listened to, rather than read by oneself. If you’re interested in the full meditation, feel free to email me at lydiakim.vd@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to send it to you.



Are you overwhelmed today, anxious, or nervous, irritable, or exhausted, uncertain, fearful, or lonely, restless, or guilt-ridden?


Your merciful God calls you to pour out your heart before Him; He is a refuge for you (Ps. 62:8). To help you open up your heart to God, choose a biblical image of a safe place with God in which you can picture yourself. For example, imagine yourself under his wings (Ps. 17:8; 36:7; 57:1: 61:4: 91:4), behind his shield (Ps 3:3; 18:3, 39; 28:7; 115:9-12; 144:2), in green pastures beside quiet waters (Ps 23: 2; Is 35:6,7; Jer 17:7,8) or holding his right hand of protection (Ps 139:10).


As you imagine yourself thus safe with God, gently move your attention to what’s on your heart and mind, especially as it relates to your anxiety.

What do you feel?

What do you think?

Just let the thoughts, just let the emotions come.


All is welcome.


Tell God what’s on your heart. Feel free to express this to God in any manner that you feel comfortable with. God hears you (Ps 34:17; 69:33; 116:1), he sees you, and he knows.


God wants to grace you with a gift today. Take in the following words and choose one that particularly speaks to you; focus on what you especially need from God today:


* relief (Ps. 55:22; Mat 11:28-30; Rom 15:13; 1 Pe 5:6; 2 Pe 1:2)

* assurance (Ps 37:37; 112; 12:7: 27:5: 31:20; Prov 18:10; Mat 6:33,34; Eph 1:15-23; Eph 3:14-21; Phil 4:19; 2 Thes 2:16; 2 Tim 1:12

* cheerfulness (Ps 16:11: 126:5-6; John 15:11; Rom 5:3-5; Col 1:11-12; Heb 12:1,2)

* rest (Ps 4:8; Is 40:11, 28-31; Mat 11:28; Rom 15:13)

* confidence (Ps 31:14-16; 37:37-40; Prov 23:17-18; Jer 29:11-13; Luke 18:7; Phil 1:6; 2 Cor 3:4,5;

* courage (Ps 27:13-14; Is 35:4; 41:10; 43:2; Mat 1:23)

* love (not alone) (Rom 8:35; Ps 23:4; 72:23; 118:6,7; Mat 1:23; Mat 28:20)

* peace (Ps 116: 5-7;Is 23:6; Mat 11:29-30; John 14:26-27; Phil 4:7)

* comfort (Ps 23:4; 119:76; Is 66:13; 2 Cor 1:3,4)

* forgiveness (Ps 130:4; Mat 26:28; Acts 2:38; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14; 1 Jn 1:9; Heb 7: 25; 10:14)


Take a few moments to accept this gift from God. See it take shape within you.


Even though you may walk in the midst of trouble, the LORD will fulfill his purpose for you; his steadfast love endures forever. He will not forsake the work of his hands.

(Psa 138:7-8 ESV)


O Lord, let the light of your face shine upon your beloved creature. You have the power to provide what is needed. In your goodness may your gift transform the inner being of this beloved one. May you be his or her portion forever, so that he knows, so that she knows, that you are good (Psa 73:26-28).




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